Used Car valuation Tips

Used Car Valuation tips- A Complete Used Car valuation guides

Thinking how to do properly estimate used cars valuation is really difficult for consumers who wants to sell their Used Cars in Delhi or any other states of India. We’ll discuss some Used Used Car Valuation tips in this blog. It sometimes confusing, if selling first time used car whether consumer needs to go to store for car valuation or it would be doorstep service. Basically, vehicle owner can conduct a car valuation themselves by using online car valuation tools and that guides you to determine the value of pre-owned cars. The process is applicable to all kind of vehicles. Whether, it would be car, truck, van, cab or bike.

But…It is sometimes not too much better…

Probably, you were thinking… why it’s not good. We can check our car value at home and gets the best price. Yes…Best Price. It’s not maintaining by such platforms that provide online evaluation.

Used Car Valuation tips, what needs to consider while estimating car valuation:-

Mileage, Condition and Location Affect Estimated Used Car Values

A car’s mileage is important when estimating its value. The average consumer puts 12,000 miles per year on his or her vehicle. Because of this, this is the scale used to determine the actual age of a car. If a car is two years old but has 48,000 miles, the car is mechanically four years old.

1. Mileage:-

A car mileage is highly required while estimating car price. It plays major role. For Example, There are two same make, model and variant car that are manufactured in same year. First one has 70,000 miles and another runs around 1,50,000 miles. Which one would you like to prefer? Obviously, first one. The more mileage used cars run, less the value you’ll get.

mileage of used cars over the years

2. Condition of the Used Car for sale:

If car condition is new, it is generally people will prefer it more than old conditioned car. Car’s Battery, tyers, Seats….if it is in new condition everybody want that. And one more thing that would be checked whether it is accidental or flood affected, it considered as bad condition cars.

condition of used cars for sale

3. Location:

Yes….location affects the car value while estimating car price. So, the Car prices for new cars are different in different location, as the old one.


how location affects the used car valuation

Some other factors affects car value….have a look:

  • Interior damage
  • Exterior damage such as scratches, nicks and dents
  • Past mechanical problems
  • Dealer upgrades

4. Depreciation

Depreciation is one of the most expensive part, If you owning a new car. The value of car is continuously decreasing as the time going on, even if we maintained it very well manner and is in good condition. Recently, a survey has been conducted and it is found that almost 10-15% value of car decrease over time. However, it approx. depreciates by 20% if car runs for a year.

new car depreciation

Here we are providing some data that shows deprication value over the time

If A consumer is able to provide receipts that he or she owns the car has had regular maintenance would expect a great estimated price.

However you’re an employee or manager, self-car evaluation is despised. It’s hard to know what things need to highlight, which shows your car is good to sell or not. That is only tells you the expert after the complete evaluation, this service is totally free at all.

I hope, this blog (Used Car Valuation tips) would be helpful for you.

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