6 tips for buying a used car

6 tips for buying a used car

Buying a pre-owned or best used car in Delhi can be a challenging now a days, But owning can be fulfilling ride, here is some 6 tips for buying a used car. If you are willing to negotiate a best deal. Follow our some tips or we can say guidelines to buying a pre-owned car for best experience and stress-free experience.

#1: Plan your budget

Estimate your budget, how much you are willing to spend on a used car, this is the first thing you should do, and for good reason.

And you should consider about car model for what you want to buy used car. This may be for office purpose or long trip. Jmd Motors will guide you. Do you want to buy a hatchback or sedan; an SUV or a convertible?

You can compare different types of used cars at Jmd Motors as per you budget and need. Once you have a budget, you can plan what features you want in your car. Accordingly Jmd Motors experts will assist you to in buying best one.

Choosing a used car

#a How much could afford?

Before you begin search for a good deal on a used car, check the car considering many factors that would apply to the new car purchase; it all depends on you how you will use the vehicle; how much time you plan to keep it and your budget- including, Operation, Depreciation cost of repair and insurance.

#b What Kind of car should buy?

Deciding what kind of car should buy, what car suits your lifestyle and impression the best. However you will own and use the same car for many years, you should determine for future needs and lifestyle changes. Now a day you can easily purchase medium sized car as it is available at best price. After an interval of time you may realize to use difficult. Probably not suits for your personality or trend might get change, because there are so many more used vehicles are their at best price. You can talk to friends or acquaintances who drive cars that suggest to you; best suggestion always comes from friends side and it’s a best way to gather information about reliability or queries of best used cars.

#c How Old car is best?

If budget is top priority then you need to pick a smaller, newer car instead of buying a large and old car. A larger car is looking wise amazing but if you’re willing to keep your car for long time, buy new and smaller one, Because a larger car will have higher running costs- maintenance, tyers, spares, and fuel costs will need more money. You can get a good deal because there are many people are there who don’t want to drive old car whether it would only 1 or 2 year old, They want only new and latest cars. Buying a middle-aged car; 2-5 years old; that has been treated well by its owner would be great to buy. Cars driven 20-25,000 km a year are prime cars. You can buy, if it available anywhere…

#2 Inspect the car

While looking for best used car in Delhi there are some factors we should consider; dents, damages, car is accidental or flooded or not, rust and the tyre condition is new or old. If you don’t consider you may have bear its cost by replacing them afterwards.

Mainly check, is there any recent paint or touch up activity happened or not?

Check the car still has the original engine. Also, checkout leaks in engine.

You can take a trusted car expert who will provide you complete details in the car.

#3 Take a car for test drive

You’ll make sure the car’s brakers, functioning properly; steering, headlights and gears etc.

Try to drive the car in different conditions, so that you can check it’s different aspects and speed controls.

If you are feeling good in driving and handing the car, it would helpful to decide whether it is good or not.

Test all the electronics systems; sound system, air conditioner, sun proof, power windows, locking system, sensor system etc.

#4 Car Service History(Ask)

If you are thinking it is just a number shown in odometer that indicates its history, so you’re wrong. You should know some other factors that resultant the condition of the car.

Ask the complete service records and maintenance since car has been purchased.

Do some more research on the model and year of manufactured of the car, how much time owner has reported its issues and what are the issues has been occurred with this car earlier.

This is the best tip among 6 tips for buying a used car.

#5 Ask for Complete documents

Get the complete original registration papers RC, before deciding anything to buy or pay advance money. Make sure insurance policy and its no. of claims bonus since purchase. And further documents you can ask for PUC certificate.

#6 Get the best negotiable price and Best deal

Either you are willing to buy your dream car from a dealer or an owner, there’s always a chance to negotiable the price accordingly. It depends of car’s market price and current value of depreciation occurred and some other factors; maintenance, repairing costs etc.

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